A Truck for Tall People

I've grown up around horses and Jared, thankfully, supports my hobby and dream of having my own horse. When it was time for him to purchase a new vehicle (he had a company car previously and was stuffed into a Ford Escape which he thought had enough room at the time), we knew we wanted a truck. The horse was on its way and we'd need a towing vehicle. Plus, with his height and the amount he drives daily, a truck offered the best head room and leg room options-- we thought. In the end, we chose a Ford F-150 Club Cab and love it. The process to find the perfect truck was more challenging than we thought. Turns out, not all trucks really do have that much head room-- and some don't have much leg room either. We tested most every option on the market. Here are our comments and thoughts on each model.

Ford F-150: The final choice.

Toyota Tundra: While our tall friend (with long legs but a shorter torso) has this truck and loves it, there wasn't as much head room for Jared. The windshield felt overly angled so that we were both looking out the top section where the shading is darker.

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